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Create an incense burner bot for POH's. 

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Request: Create an incense burner bot for POH's. 
Description: Every 2-2:30 minutes, it lights the incense burner and when the bot is down to 4 marrentil, it trades the specified player, and accepts the trade request. (doesnt matter what is traded). it avoids standing behind the altar so people don't misclick on me. I'd prefer that it idle underneath everyone training prayer so less people notice me.
Payment Amount: Willing to talk price since don't want scriptwriter to feel underpaid
Time: Preferably asap
Additional:  I can provide testing and basic information you require for creating the script.


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1 hour ago, Explicitjr said:

Where do I even begin? Never thought of trying to do it myself.

It can be pretty overwhelming at first if you've never done any programming before but there's a ton of tutorials here. https://tribot.org/forums/forum/43-scripting-tutorials/ Its a good skill to pick up even if its not going to be a career.

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