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Botting in f2p

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So I have just started to dive back into botting, this time with the intention of creating a gold farm. I am well aware that this is a trial and error process but I am looking for some times.


I initially tried the different scrips for botting through tutorial island and all ten of the accounts I put through were locked. From reading around, it seems that botting tutorial island, generally, doesn't work.

I've put a bunch of accounts through tutorial island manually. I'm now curious about the next step. We have the noob account builder script which is directed at f2p. Is this script only to be considered when working with 50+ bots or should does it have the success rate to be used with around 20?

I am under the impression that none of the free scripts can be used successfully long term, is this wrong? Are there any premium scripts anyone has had success using in f2p? Beyond this, is it even worth botting in f2p in the first place?


Thanks for the heads up guys.

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Personally from my experience, Age of the account & F2p don't make any difference. I made an account done a few quests on it manually. Done everything else by script and the account lasted 2 days with a perm ban.

Free scripts IMO unless they're done recently have no ABC2 implimentation which again increases the risk of being banned due to them looking a lot more bot like. However regardless of free or premium, you still run the risk of being banned.

F2P again, In my opinion runs a higher risk of being banned due to the skills in which are most botted, being mining, fishing, woodcutting are mainly done in f2p. However, you still run the same risk of being banned in p2p from this method. Any gathering skills are generally high ban rate. Find what works best for you.


Do whatever you think will work out best for you. You probably wont get anyone on here sharing tips on how to start a cost-effective and long term bot farm.

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