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Chain ban

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Hey everyone, I am interested in setting up a bot farm in the near future. I have some older experiences with botting and am looking forward to the trial and error of getting it to work.

While I am fixing things out, figuring out what works and for how long... I am trying to avoid a chain ban. I have a main account that I've never botted on before and I don't want to risk losing it. What steps should I take to protect it from the work I plan on doing.

Thanks everyone.

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well, idk..ppl are more scared then they should.

You wount get banned if you don't bot. Now, if you run massive f2p suicide farm on same IP you are playing with your main, then it can be GG to your main at some point. 

If you bot here and there on few acc's and play your main, no one will ban your main.

If you want to bot on one a and at a same time play with main - use proxy for that acc.

If you want to bot 3 acc's on PC = use proxifier with OSBUDDY and play on that osbuddy with main.


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Posted (edited)
On 3/2/2018 at 5:18 PM, Adventure_Time said:

Don't let the account interact with any of your bot accounts in any way/shape/form and you should be fine. You can also utilize proxies on your bot accounts if you want another degree of separation.

@Adventure_Time Sorry for the @, but would you mind elaborating on this? 

If I bot farm to sell GP, but also want to have some for my main, how would I safely transfer funds over? Would it work to buy expensive items, and then kill one of the accounts in the wilderness? Or get a trust third party to take the items to then give to your main? If I give some friends the GP, would they have the potential to get red flagged? 
In conclusion.......Mind defining what a proxy is sonny? Old men aren't great at scripts and computers off the bat xd

Edited by GrouchyOldMan

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