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TRiBot Help Desk

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Today we are unveiling our new TRiBot help desk. This will efficiently help new and old members alike get the help they need. While we have solely relied on community support in the past, we are now moving forward to ticketed support. The help desk gives us many amazing features; easy to find help articles, tickets with statuses, secure and private conversations with our moderators, and lots more! Furthermore it will speed up the time that it takes for our users to get the help they both need and deserve.

Click here to visit it it.

Advantages over the forums:

  • Software designed to help users with common issues
  • Private conversations for more personal support issues
  • Keep our forums clean and less cluttered
  • Easy to use self-service with an organized knowledge base

A couple things to keep in mind:

  • We are currently working on creating more support articles to be released steadily in the next few months
  • We aren't replacing the forums by any means
  • We are still experimenting with the man-power required to respond to all your support questions. Response time may vary over the next few weeks.

Finally, Here's why it's good for our power users that don't have many TRiBot problems:

  • Quickly check on the status of appeals / script submissions / applications
  • Ask about updates on features/suggestions
  • Report bugs and issues more efficiently
  • Find support articles more quickly

We strive to continue being the best botting platform, including customer support which is very lacking in this industry. We hope everyone will benefit from this decision. We have plenty coming soon, including command line integration (CLI) as an easy means to automatically start clients with specified configuration files.

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I actually really like this addition, Should hopefully clean up the forums from people grave digging and questions that are asked time and time again. Good work.


Edit: Can we expect to see the Help Desk on the left hand side panel where the rest of the links are to the repository etc or will the users have to browse to this page/bookmark it

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Just now, phoob234 said:

how come tribot is lagging hardcore.. it never lagged at all but now every second it laggs hARD 

should i uninstall the one i have and re download? 

Re-downloading the client rarely solves any problem.

The low FPS could either be caused by a Looking Glass bug (see thread) or another known client bug that affects non-looking glass instances (can be solved by minimizing TRiBot).

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