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Want true fullscreen mode? Here you go :)

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Hi I've created a script using AutoHotKey which sets old school runescape to fullscreen, first you set the game to fullscreen and then the script will remove the title bar and then set the game to your screen resolution, this stretches the game to all four corners of your screen :) (do not confuse this with fullscreen, but still seeing the taskbar and/or title bar).

First download AutoHotKey, install it and then save the code below to a text file, use save as and set the filename and extension to Cannon.ahk, now you can run the cannon.ahk, when runescape is loaded (login screen) press F11.

F11:: ; Press F11 to start the script.
WinSet, Style, -0xC40000, Old School RuneScape ; This sets the Old School RuneScape window to borderless.
Sleep, 333
WinMove, Old School RuneScape,, 0, 0, (your screen width), (your screen height) ; This sets the game size to your screen resolution.
ExitApp ; The script will close.


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