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Curious question about source code

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Curious question about source code of a script.  Which coders do you think, have the best style/logic?  I would like to know and study which scripters have the best scripting ability.  I know I am not the best one to judge code, so asking the more knowledgeable if they can attest for someones coding ability.  

Paste source code below, would like to directly have links to what people think are the best scripts.  


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Personally i would say depends on what you are looking for. Also, a lot of them have very old open source coding which they have improved from. Unless they can all do a coding contest and send out a very basic open source script. I dont think we have a definite answer. In my opinion, Aropupu is one of the best coders here. His scripts has been broken prior, but from my experience it was all because of tribot client being outdated. He also had the forethought of already making his scripts use dynamic clicking which didnt render him any extra work or downtime for when tribot switched over to using it.

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