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[R][P] Scripting tutorial

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I have very limited knowledge on java. I was hoping to get maybe some tutor lessons. 

Must knows:


-API knowledge

-Frameworks (node,tree,decision)

These are the 3 main subjects i would like to learn about. I know there are guides already but reading it and doing it is 2 different things. I have tried to do something basic but without visually seeing what each line may do, i cant learn. The next best thing is to have someone explaining step by step of what the line does and what would be most logical next line of code for the script. You can sell/release the script we work on if you feel so. I will be paying via PP/07/Eth. If you are trustworthy, i will go first in paying. If you are not, i will pay after each session. We can discuss on the prices per hour dependent on how your coding skills are. More experienced people = more money. Since i am taking time away from your day and you could be doing a script of your own in the same amount of time.

Some people i would like to work with personally are either premium scripters or staff. I hope to see some of them comment below but i will not tag them as it will just be annoyance to them if they do not offer such tutor sessions.


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Good luck, scripting is a fun way to learn java IMO. It helped me apply the things I was learning in school to an actual project. I really suggest reading oracle to learn more about java (even though I know you said you don't learn well from reading), but just try to make small test programs like calculators and such using different java methods and classes. Before you start scripting it is highly recommended to have a solid basic understanding of java.

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I have been a CS tutor and Teaching Assistant. 


I can do it for $25 per hour.


I would highly recommend learning as much Java as possible beforehand so that we maximize time spent learning scripting/tribot rather than going over intermediate Java and programming paradigms.

If you're too limited in Java, it will end up being an expensive programming lesson you could have gotten for free online. 


Also, be aware that I won't be a 24-hour question answerer. Try to leave your questions for the sessions or post them in the Help section of the Tribot Discord or on the Scripting Help section of the forums (chances are I'll reply to those for free). 


Send me a Discord or PM of some more specifics you would like to gain from something like this. 

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Hi old friend

Looks like you got a couple offers already.

You could always also post your script source/snippets on the forums, and asks for people's suggestions.

Some good text tuts, incase you didn't already see them:


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