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TRiBot Release 9.306_0 [Firewall Disable]

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  • Updated world hopper
  • Added firewall disable feature, both by command line and TRiBot settings
  • Fixed Grand Exchange offer bug
  • Added better support for detecting resizable mode

TRiBot Firewall Settings

There has been a number of requests for a feature to completely disable the firewall. We've included this feature in the general settings menu for your convenience. By default the firewall will still be enabled. This comes along with a few other bug fixes; including a GE bug that didn't allow users to purchase items, a world hopper update, and a more accurate method to detect resizable mode.

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Was this just fixing the worldhopper or by any chance was the tribot worldhopper made so where it can use the ingame world hopper now as well? I looked at the api and i didnt see anything about the ingame worldhopper being supported without using custom classes but i figure id ask

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