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Scripters can't grant free access to their scripts. This was also nearly 11 months ago and you're just now pursuing it? Looking at the TRiBot update logs, I don't see TRiBot being down in February or March and if it was, it must have only been a day or two because there isn't an update post.
Lastly, any specific script related discussion belongs on the script's dedicated thread.

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It appears there was some client downtime, between February 23rd and March 4th. However, VIP/VIP-E extensions were given to all users affected, if you had been VIP/VIP-Extended at the time. Script extensions were not handed out, at least not to my knowledge, nor were they promised.

Furthermore, the time to voice these concerns was probably 11 months ago, not today. Even as a Script Dispute this would be invalid due to the time frame.

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