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New to botting, how does proxies work with VIP-E

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Proxies changes your IP so that your OSRS client is no longer under your Home IP. meaning, if you end up getting banned, your home IP is safe from getting flagged. Also, botting in multiple different proxies keep them from being chain banned (they ban the IP, so all accounts that has the IP in common will be banned as well.) Whether you botted on an account or not, if it has the same IP, it will be banned.

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9 hours ago, Fegitto123123 said:

Okay, i bought VIP-E and i can't seem to find a IP address that can connect to it.

What do i do?


You still have to provide the proxy... Damn son, don't just blow your money on VIP-E and other shit without understanding it first. That's how you fail.

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