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I purchased tri yak fighter and I've been troubleshooting it every day since I bought it, I've tried everything and it still doesnt run right. If I'm LUCKY it will bot for 30 minutes without failing. Usually 10-15 minutes and it fails. I get the error message "maximum amount of instances has been reached" I tried contacting a few people for help and pm'ed the author with no luck. I would love a refund so I can purchase a nmz bot, because paying $10 then having to baby sit a bot and restart it every 15 minutes is very counter productive. I got it to run for 2 hours one time and that was a miracle. It's a great bot when its running, but that doesn't last long.. Thank you for your time :)  


P.S:Not sure if this is the correct thread to be posting this. Sorry in advance.

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On 4/12/2018 at 7:11 PM, Lolosdomore said:

Just use the paypal refund. Works.




Charging back on PayPal will result in a permanent ban, as stated in the TRiBot Rules and Regulations which everyone agrees to upon using the forum.



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