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Netami's AIO Woodcutter Development

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This script is currently pending admin approval for sale on the repository.

I've put together an AIO Woodcutter through a few requests. Currently implemented are preset locations and a choice of their available trees (with banking or powerchopping), a custom radius area function (banking or powerchopping), and a task queuing system to allow for custom progressive levelling (banking or powerchopping at each stage). Also by default is a smart axe upgrading system, where the script will visit the bank on startup then remember what axes it has available and only go to upgrade when it levels up to an axe that is available.  Also included is custom profile saving/loading and script arguments to load a profile.

Here's a screenshot of my current run chopping yews in F2P:


And a picture of the GUI. In this instance I'm using the job queue to power chop logs at Varrock East until level 15, then power chopping oaks at the same place until level 60, then switching to banking yews north of Varrock castle.



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1 hour ago, jcnj609 said:

Could you add a anti ban adjuster like your pest control? I personally have tried every wc script on Tribot.


from watching my wc bots I see actually players “afking” after a tree is cut, while I notice all my bots are onto the next tree immediately.

Yeah the ABC2 sleeps are taking care of that so far, my bots are a bit slower but currently has been running over 100 hours. 

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