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[Tutorial] RS07 types for beginners

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Package reference org.tribot.api2007.types

In this tutorial, I will explain the key differences between the 'Entity' types and how to use them correctly.

Types that we will discuss:

  • RSObject
  • RSGroundItem


Determining which in-game interactable is a certain type is simpler than you think. 

The game has them color coded so you know which type each interactable is.


RSNPC's  will have yellow name tags in game


RSObjects  will have blue name tags in game


RSGroundItems will have orange name tags in game



While we now know how to determine game types, we need to understand how to use them.

For NPC's we would use the RSNPC class. Our code should look like this

RSNPC[] raidBoss = NPCs.find(...);

//other checks here

For Object's we would use the RSObject class. Our code should look like this

RSObject[] objects = Objects.find(...);

//other checks here

For GroundItems we would use the RSGroundItem class. Our code should look like this.

RSGroundItem[] lootable = GroundItems.find(...);

//other checks here


There are many types that I have not discussed. Feel free to explore the API to find those types :)

I hope I at least helped one beginner with my type tutorial.


If something needs a correction, feel free to drop feedback in the comment section below :)

Thank you,


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