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[Tutorial] TRiBot API For Beginners

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Many beginners fail to understand how to navigate API's. Today I am going to show you how to navigate and understand TRiBots documentation.

I. Open TRiBots API by following this link: https://tribot.org/doc/

Your main screen should look like so:


Don't be alarmed it's actually pretty easy to follow! I will begin by discussing the three main sections of our current screen.

II. 3 Section main API page

a) The API Packages: 


Here is where you can find select classes per package and then broaden your search for a specific class in that package.

*Helpful for import finding!*

For the next screenshot, I clicked on org.tribot.api .


b ) Here is where we can search a specific class available from all of the combined packages the API documents has to offer.


Selecting a class will introduce the methods and descriptions associated with them.

c) Finally, Here is the overview panel where we can use the navigation bar to our liking and also see class documentation! 


You can search the Class Hierarchy, Deprecated Methods, Index, and Help section!

Importance of the Index section

The Index contains an alphabetic list of all classes, interfaces, constructors, methods, and fields. Which is helpful for searching a specific method in the API documentation!

For this GIF example, I select the Index section and followed the alphabetical list to search for the getHealthPercent() method.


III. Part A: Class Documentation

For the following information, I will select the class RSNPC   from the classes section shown in  II. b .

Your overview panel should now show the RSNPC class documentation as follows



This is the classes name and associated package.F8iSnR8.png


This is the classes implemented interfaces *If applicable*.7TX0uBK.png

Implementing the methods that allow us to get the RSNPC#RSTile, and RSNPC#Click methods.


This shows the classes that it extends 7BXLP8k.png

Allowing us to use the methods associated with RSCharacter  Some classes also show the description of the class as shown here .


II. Part B: Class documentation Method Summary

Scrolling down will show us the Method Summary .



This section shows us the Method & Description and the return types each method returns.

1st column = data type of the method

2nd column = Method and Description of that method


Clicking on any of those methods it will bring you down to a more in-depth explanation of the method.

For this picture example I chose RSNPC#getDefinition()


Marked in RED is the Name

Marked in GREEN is the  DataType, Method Name, and Possible parameters a method could have

Marked in BLUE is the description of the method.

Marked in YELLOW is the return type of the method.



I hope my tutorial helped some of you. If a topic needs a better explanation, please feel free to address it to me in the comment section.

Thank you,


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