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Please help its been like this Since I Purchased it : 


I have a problem when I click Run Script, it says in the Bottom that its "Downloading Script, Master Chopper AIO";

I sit their and wait & wait, than nothing still comes up. I try another Wcing script(Texans) and it started instantly.

I'm not complaining, just would please like some Help/Troubleshooting.

Reload your client. 


Over 5 axes broken within a day. Was doing magic logs.

Hmm, i'll look into this.


Doesn't cut yews outside edgevile? Gets stuck on looking for a better axe?

Small issue that has already been fixed, it will be released in today's


when i click settings it wont open up the menu to select which logs to cut...

Reload the script, you need to choose tree/location first.


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It still doesnt Load up or do anything, it just says its Downloading the Script.

Thats a client problem, post a thread in bot support.



What location is that on the first process report? :) Answers much apreciated



The script logs my account out after 6 hours, it then tries to log back in but it can't so it just ends the script and sits there. Is there a setting I can toggle to make it not log my account out?

Make sure that you select the account from your account manager when starting the script. 


Ok got it working, didnt realize u moved the place to select tree.... only 1mil from 99 WC on my obby mauler... all botted with your script

Brilliant :)


Got stuck into that field above the trees for 2 hours after 10 hours prog.



That will be sorted in today's update (Hopefully today)

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Could you also add this to the fix list:




It camps this one tree, and will not move to any other ones or even try to look for them.. After the tree is down, it goes back to the above area and jams there lol.


Also, when you try to move away manually while script enabled, it rage clicks back to that area.


So working Yew locations for me are only Edgeville and Seer's

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Found out the issue with flaxfield.


When it walks towards the gate (in right-side field), it does not try to open the gate, but instead it clicks outside the field and that makes it walk back to left-side flax field. When it's back in flax field, it again tries to go right-side field and walks towards the gate and clicks over again and it goes back to flax field and so on..


It's and endless loop because it does not open the right-side field's gate but clicks outside area instead.

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Wtf did I just witness? I run the script carrying a Dragon Axe in Catherby, the client says "Check to see if we can upgrade our axe!" After checking for all axes, it says "we don't have any axes we can use" and the script ends.

Please fix this.

Impossible, there must be something wrong with your set up, please add me on Skype so I can resolve this. 

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