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Tribot Error

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I am hoping i put this post in the correct area for this sort of issue

I am having an issue with Tribot now every time i try start up a script i get an error message displaying this message "Since you are not VIP, you are only allowed to run ONE Script at a time. Please close your other instances of TRiBot to use this one." , Now i not understand why and yes i know i need VIP but i not have any other scripts running or any other windows open, Does Tribot have some sort of time limit for free users?

Here's the picture i took as proof that i am just not using any other scripts 


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If you have any open clients in your Task Manager, close them.

Try closing all your clients and wait a couple minutes.


Otherwise, try restarted your computer. If that doesn't work, you might just have to wait a little bit. I'm not familiar with this problem, though, so someone might know more than me.


I, of course, recommend VIP-E, though. It's worth it if you bot a fair amount. I can help you get started if you decide to upgrade.

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30 minutes ago, Kipuv said:

I waited over an hour when i first closed it now seem to be working now

Your problem was caused by a ghost instance.

The TRiBot servers weren't notified when you ended the script, so you had to wait 30 minutes for the refresh.

Next time make sure that you stop the script by using the stop button. If you exit TRiBot abruptly (task kill, powering off computer etc.), ghost instances might appear.


More info:


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