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Computer Scientist Looking to learn to code runescape bots

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48 minutes ago, Rij said:

Hi i graduated recently in computer sci, and i want more knowledge to learn to code osrs bots, can anyone refer me or help me get started, i currently want to develop a bot but i dont know how to go bout it

You should contact Trilez. Only he has the source code. I think. I'm sure he would be glad to help you!

I'm joking. He's very busy. He won't respond. There are guides about this client scripting. You should browse the forums! Good luck!

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11 minutes ago, Rij said:

thanks for useful information will get to searching this further more, Im planning on making private scripts not a bot client, just to clarify, thanks lots people!<3

In that case, I've written two tutorials on scripting.

(by the way, they are called scripts not bots)


However, if you are a CS graduate, you should be able to start scripting after reading a single open source script.

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