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When tribot is selecting world it wont click on the worlds

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Hi i just started using tribot ive set it up using aminer but when it wants to worldhop it logs out and clicks on change world and then clicks in between the worlds not clicking on them complelty missing them also it clicked on a world that was a members world and its on a f2p account please help thanks.

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    • By RpHaych

      I am able to login to any world on any other osrs client
      This issue on the Tribot client only occurs for certain worlds (about half of em)
      I've redownloade client, issue persists
      Using world hopper, same issue
    • By Artificial
      Collects planks that at the barbarian outpost plank spot. Banks the planks once you have a full inventory and hops worlds when all planks on one world have been picked up. Makes up to 200K+ an hour with no requirements needed. Just start the bot at the Barbarian Outpost bank or near the planks.
      Implements ABC2 Antiban methods. Supports custom world hopping method Antiban methods based on real life data from human players. Makes 200K+ an hour No requirements or starting cash needed. Features dynamic paint that shows status of script, GP per hour rate, time ran, and planks collected Features GUI  
      Perfect Goldfarming Script
      This script is a perfect script to run on multiple accounts and collect gold. All it requires is for you to start the script at Barbarian outpost. There are no requirements needed or starting cash needed. 

      For any support or questions, comment below or email me: [email protected] 
    • By amillieamillie
      Im working on an in game world hopper, thought id post it here. Please roast my code and offer suggestions/improvements.

      import java.awt.Rectangle; import org.tribot.api.General; import org.tribot.api.Timing; import org.tribot.api.input.Mouse; import org.tribot.api.types.generic.Condition; import org.tribot.api2007.GameTab; import org.tribot.api2007.Interfaces; import org.tribot.api2007.NPCChat; import org.tribot.api2007.WorldHopper; import org.tribot.api2007.types.RSInterfaceChild; import org.tribot.api2007.types.RSInterfaceComponent; public class AMWorldHopper { private static Rectangle hopperBounds = new Rectangle(550, 250, 170, 170); private static int TOP_Y_WORLD_VISIBLE = 240; private static int BOTTOM_Y_WORLD_VISIBLE = 400; private static int WORLD_HOPPER_PARENT_ID = 69; private static int WORLD_HOPPER_CHILD_ID = 7; private static int WORLD_SWITCHER_BUTTON_PARENT_ID = 182; private static int WORLD_SWITCHER_BUTTON_CHILD_ID = 5; public static boolean hopWorlds(int world) { world = world > 300 ? world - 300 : world; if(WorldHopper.getWorld() == world) { return true; } if(NPCChat.getClickContinueInterface() != null) { NPCChat.clickContinue(true); General.sleep(800, 1400); } if(openWorldHopper()) { RSInterfaceComponent worldButton = findWorld(world); if(scrollToWorld(worldButton)) { if(worldButton.click()) { return waitForHop(world); } } } return false; } private static boolean waitForHop(final int world) { return Timing.waitCondition(new Condition() { @Override public boolean active() { General.sleep(100); if(NPCChat.getOptions() != null) { NPCChat.selectOption("Yes. In future, only warn about dangerous worlds.", true); } return WorldHopper.getWorld() == world; } }, 15000); } private static RSInterfaceComponent findWorld(int world) { RSInterfaceChild worldHopper = Interfaces.get(WORLD_HOPPER_PARENT_ID, WORLD_HOPPER_CHILD_ID); if(worldHopper != null) { RSInterfaceComponent[] worlds = worldHopper.getChildren(); if(worlds != null) { for(int i=2;i<worlds.length;i+=6) { if(worlds[i] != null && worlds[i].getText() != null && worlds[i].getText().equals(Integer.toString(world))) { return worlds[i-2]; } } } } return null; } private static boolean scrollToWorld(RSInterfaceComponent worldComponent) { long started = System.currentTimeMillis(); while(!isWorldVisible(worldComponent) && System.currentTimeMillis() - started < 15000) { if(!hopperBounds.contains(Mouse.getPos())) { Mouse.moveBox(hopperBounds); General.sleep(600, 1000); } Mouse.scroll(worldComponent.getAbsolutePosition().getY() < TOP_Y_WORLD_VISIBLE ? true: false, distanceFromBeingVisible(worldComponent) >= 200 ? 4 : 3); General.sleep(300, 500); } return isWorldVisible(worldComponent); } private static int distanceFromBeingVisible(RSInterfaceComponent worldComponent) { if(worldComponent.getAbsolutePosition().getY() < TOP_Y_WORLD_VISIBLE) { return (int) (TOP_Y_WORLD_VISIBLE - worldComponent.getAbsolutePosition().getY()); } else { return (int) (worldComponent.getAbsolutePosition().getY() - BOTTOM_Y_WORLD_VISIBLE); } } private static boolean isWorldVisible(RSInterfaceComponent worldComponent) { return worldComponent.getAbsolutePosition().getY() <= BOTTOM_Y_WORLD_VISIBLE && worldComponent.getAbsolutePosition().getY() >= TOP_Y_WORLD_VISIBLE; } private static boolean openWorldHopper() { if(GameTab.getOpen() != GameTab.TABS.LOGOUT) { if(GameTab.open(GameTab.TABS.LOGOUT)) { General.sleep(800, 1200); } } if(GameTab.getOpen() == GameTab.TABS.LOGOUT && !Interfaces.isInterfaceValid(69)) { RSInterfaceChild worldSwitcherButton = Interfaces.get(WORLD_SWITCHER_BUTTON_PARENT_ID, WORLD_SWITCHER_BUTTON_CHILD_ID); if(worldSwitcherButton != null) { if(worldSwitcherButton.click() && Timing.waitCondition(new Condition() { @Override public boolean active() { return Interfaces.isInterfaceValid(WORLD_HOPPER_PARENT_ID); } }, 5000)) { General.sleep(600, 800); } } } return GameTab.getOpen() == GameTab.TABS.LOGOUT && Interfaces.isInterfaceValid(WORLD_HOPPER_PARENT_ID); } }  
    • By HabbaTheJutt
      Is there a way to blacklist dmm worlds? My accounts are going to get banned from this. They login in to dmm worlds when I'm not at the computer and then they sit there and do something stupid then take a break then log back in and start doing it again. How do I blacklist dmm worlds? 
  • Our picks


      I've noticed some new TRiBotters have had some troubles finding out sources of how to do certain things, such as using advanced scripts and often get lost in the forums.

      We are still getting posts asking where to start, what to do, recommended scripts, etc. 

      As many of you know, I am new to the team, and had troubles myself learning how to bot, let alone script. 

      So, what our team decided to do was make it easier to learn how to bot, how to script, and just become an overall better botter and scripter faster. 

      As some of you might have seen, I've posted 3 new blogs, you can check it out by clicking on the following picture or here.

      These first 3 blogs are the first of many blogs that will be TRiBot official. They are encouraged to be challenged, improved upon and act as A Best Practices Guide for Botters.

      What information would you like to see in the blogs?

      👇 [TEASER] 👇




      We are going to be hosting a  CONTEST  this  OCTOBER.

      Its scary to think how soon you'll find out.👻

      Stay tuned.

      - RileyZ
      • 8 replies
    • Today marks a big day for TRiBot! To make it easier for users to use TRiBot, we've created installers available for every platform! These installers are all bundled with the latest version of OpenJDK 1.8 (Java 😎, which is LG compatible.

      Using TRiBot is now easy. Simply download the installer for your platform, install TRiBot, and run it. The TRiBot Loader will correctly identify the bundled JDK so there's no need to change the Java selection.


      EXE installer: TRiBot-windows-x64-4.0.3.exe

      MSI installer: TRiBot-windows-x64-4.0.3.msi

      Portable version: TRiBot-windows-x64-4.0.3.zip

      Mac OS

      Installer: TRiBot-macos-4.0.3.dmg

      Portable version: TRiBot-macos-4.0.3.tgz


      Installer: TRiBot-unix-4.0.3.sh

      RPM installer (CentOS/Fedora): TRiBot-linux-4.0.3.rpm

      DEB installer (Debian): TRiBot-linux-4.0.3.deb

      Portable version: TRiBot-unix-4.0.3.tar.gz

      Platform Independent

      JAR file: tribot-loader-4.0.3.jar

      Note that this jar file does not include the bundled JDK.

      Windows and Mac OS users may notice a warning message stating that the installer/application is un-recognized or un-trusted. Please ignore this message and proceed with running the installer/application. We need to acquire a code signing certificate so that we can sign the installers letting the operating system know that these files can be trusted. It will take a week or more to acquire one, so please hold tight.

      Other notable changes to the TRiBot Loader:

      Support getting the version from OpenJDK distributions

      Add check for bundled JDK

      Copy OpenJDK tools.jar to the bundled JDK if not present

      Set the current java as the first available list entry

      Ignore Java versions which are symbolic links

      Make the bundled JDK the preferred Java version

      Update icon images

      Reduce the number of HTTP calls
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      • 18 replies
    • TRiBot is looking to improve a lot of its customer relationship management, customer on boarding process, customer experience, design elements, community engagement and pretty much everything else you can imagine when it comes to marketing.

      Our goal: To ensure that the marketing done TRULY reflects the experience and does not shine an inaccurate light on what TRiBot is lacking in.

      So I ask, what do you love about TRiBot and what do you hate about TRiBot? What does O S Bot, Rune M8, PowR Bot and Dre amBot do better? (yes I purposely didn't spell it right 😂).


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    • Hello TRiBot,

      Today we have a significant release that has been in the works for the last month addressing several key issues, features and bugs in the backlog.

      With these changes, we are also including a new TRiBot Loader which will allow you to select any version that is released. This adds the flexibility of allowing you to revert to a previous version should an issue arise, run development only builds, view an accurate change log between versions etc. we are very proud to offer this feature and think it will add a lot more functionality down the road as we continue to release new versions.

      These changes include 80+ commits by our development team, a list of them is summarized below and also available for your viewing pleasure in the new TRiBot Loader.

      In addition, we have taken additional steps to improve as a development team by adding continuous integration and deployment into our workflow to assist in delivering timely releases such as bug fixes as well as new features on a weekly basis depending on our development cycle.
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    • Over the last three weeks, I've been working on upgrading our server infrastructure. It's finally ready and is now live!


      Increased reliability - less server errors

      Increased availability - less downtime

      Increased security - keeping us and you secure

      Increased capacity - ability to serve you better

      Increased speed - less waiting for things to load

      Faster development - server and service updates will come faster

      What are the changes?

      Move from a single AWS EC2 instance to AWS ECS (Elastic Container Service)

      Distributed computing

      Load balancing

      Git management of server files and filesystem

      Redis caching


      AWS ECS (with 10 EC2 instances)

      AWS ElastiCache (Redis)

      AWS Load Balancing

      AWS EFS (Elastic file system)

      Please bare with us as I continue to tune the server for maximum performance. Slow loading speeds may occur temporarily. I thank everyone for their patience.

      Please post on this thread if you experience any issues other than slow loading times.
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