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Need pure services

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Hi guys im a newfag, so ill pay up front no problem to trusted individuals who would like to partake in my requested account services!

my gmaul pure is 

  • 50 attack (obv)
  • 67 str  75 str
  • 78 range   I want 85 range


My new soon to be dclaw is only 70 range so i want the following

  • 60 attack quested with mm and all requirements
  • 60 str 
  • 31 prayer (can quest to start)


Absoulutely no botting!!! 

screen shots for leveling required

add my discord ty#2168 or pm on tribot!

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better look

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2 minutes ago, KevinHouse said:

I can do the range doing Pest Control.

If you got animal magnetism or don't mind losing arrows.

do you have offsites vouches or anything, I wouldn't feel comfortable with you doing this unless you teamviewed or skype shared the entire time basically. I cant afford to be banned or get a defence level.. Or at least use a MM u pay for

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