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JDK Installation?

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So, I've never really considered myself much of a computer novice, as most things can be done in one simple go or troubleshooting is as easy as googling the issue.   That didn't, however, help me here.

So, my issue is that I got Tribot VIP Extended, or whatever-the-heck it's called.    I was heavily interested in Looking Glass as I felt it might help fight against getting banned.    One more layer of protection, right?


Anyways...   I go through the process, buy the bot, install the bot, and then open the bot.   I click on looking glass, and low and behold, I need Java JDK.    Right, simple enough...  So I download and install it, and blam.  It didn't work, so I look further into it.   I see that I need to go into System Enviroments and all this other junk.   That's alright...    So I do just that, and I tweak files.   I run the bot, and blam!    It tells me that my Java version is too old?   I need at least 7_somethingsomething_something.1     That's awfully weird, so I'm stuck there, as I download JDK 9, which appears to be the newest variant.   And, prior to downloading JDK, I do not have that issue.


I messed with the files a lot, uninstalled and re-installed them, but always either get the same issue or I try to open other java programs and they simply crash upon closing. 


Any thoughts?

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2 minutes ago, lets be friends said:

Tribot doesn't work with jdk 9
Uninstall every java thing you can find. Install the latest jdk 8 which will install everything else you need.
then run jarfix (google it). Should fix everything.
Also make sure you're running osbuddy and tribot both either 32bit or 64bit

I'll give this a try and see how it goes.   

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