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[P] Flax Spinner + Mule

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Request: Flax Spinner + Mule
Description: Spin flax in Lumbridge, after a certain time (e.g. 1h) the mule logs in, the 2 accounts trade eachother ane transfer the bowstrings. After this the mule logs out and the slave spins flax.
Payment Amount: /
Time: Doesnt matter, 1-2 weeks?

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13 minutes ago, doemorustig said:


Looking for a flax spinner with a little twist.

Everytime 1H passes it trades the bow strings over to a second account.

The second account should log in every 1H (at the same time) and trade the slaves and receive the bow strings.

P.S. A certain scripter told me his flax spinners last at least 3 days (he wont make the script because it implements muling).

Post offers here.


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