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ABC2 Implementation

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Hi Guys,


Im trying to implement ABC2 into a script and I'm having all sorts of problems.

EDIT: I saw someone on another post saying to multiply wait times by some sort of modifier. I'm currently using a value of 0.1 and it seems a lot nicer. I remember seeing something like this on one of the premium scripts...

1. There is an item that spawns every 30 seconds or so. When it appears, I call the abc sleep to simulate a reaction time. The data i input is the duration that has passed since the last spawn. Is this correct? I'm getting very large wait times here. Is it even worth using this reaction time for this event?


2. I have a task that takes around 2.5 seconds to complete. (Click on something, wait for trigger). ABC is generating very large sleeps sometimes, even around 6 seconds. No human takes 6 seconds to react, more like 0.2 seconds in this kind of scenario. Am I doing it wrong?

Here is a rough outline of what Im doing in the script

1. click on the object, generate trackers

2. start a timer

3. once the trigger occurs, stop the timer and add this value to the average wait times data

4. take average wait time data and use it to generate abc sleep:

		long averageWait = getAverageWait(activity);
		SUPER.print("Average wait time for activity [" + activity + "] is " + averageWait);
		final boolean menuOpen = m_abc.shouldOpenMenu() && m_abc.shouldHover();
		final boolean hovering = m_abc.shouldHover();
		final long hoverOp = hovering ? ABCUtil.OPTION_HOVERING : 0;
		final long menuOpenOp = menuOpen ? ABCUtil.OPTION_MENU_OPEN : 0;

		final int reactionTime = m_abc.generateReactionTime(m_abc.generateBitFlags((int)averageWait, hoverOp, menuOpenOp));
			SUPER.print("ABC2 Sleep [ " + activity + " ]: " + reactionTime + "ms");
		catch (final InterruptedException e)


Am I even doing this right? I'll be honest I'm having a hard time understanding the ABC2 tutorial...


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