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[00:33:54] We are using house teleport tablets!

[00:33:54] Avoding players wearing ""

[00:33:54] Mouse Speed set to 105

[00:34:46] ----- Trip #1 -----

[00:34:46] Removed Obstacle at (3060, 4830, 0)

[00:34:46] Found Squeeze-through at (3058, 4839, 0)

[00:34:46] --------------------

[00:36:12] ----- Trip #2 -----

[00:36:12] Found Mine Rocks at (3018, 4833, 0)

[00:36:12] --------------------

[00:38:09] ----- Trip #3 -----

[00:38:09] Removed Obstacle at (3038, 4853, 0)

[00:38:12] Found Squeeze-through at (3049, 4849, 0)

[00:38:12] --------------------

[00:39:27] We are out of Pure Essence!

[00:40:15] ----- Trip #4 -----

[00:40:15] Found Mine Rocks at (3038, 4853, 0)

[00:40:15] --------------------

[00:41:50] ----- Trip #5 -----

[00:41:50] Removed Obstacle at (3028, 4849, 0)

[00:41:52] Found Mine Rocks at (3021, 4842, 0)

[00:41:52] --------------------

[00:44:42] Avoiding enemy, Changing Worlds

[00:47:04] Script Ended: USA Abyss Runecrafter.


2.  didnt end up getting the pic on here but it literally goes from world to world but does not log in. it logs me out then does that non stop.


3-5 cannot figure out how to see my stack trace followed directions but it does not pop up


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@Einstein Wait 5 days for you guys to tell me that i cant get a refund because i have "used" it.... I would like my refund as i have messaged USA and he does not reply.. Most of his scripts are broken, not trying to diss the guy but dude dont be selling shit if you cant fucking maintain it. It is pure crooked to  be selling shit that does not work... If i sold you a motorcycle and had it running when you got to my house.. Drive it home and it never turns on again. Thats how you guys are making me feel with this website and if this is not fixed i would also like the credits remaining on my account refunded to my paypal. Thanks.

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Hi  @paavaaoq

Didn't notice your post was in the script dispute section, I thought you just needed help getting it running.
Before making a dispute, you need to post a detailed bug report on the script's thread, so the developer can try and help you.

If you meet these requirements

Then you can file a Script Dispute for a refund. You MUST use the format in this thread:


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@YoHoJo I have tried the only thing im missing the the print script which does not pop up when i print script track trace, I feel what i have posted is more than enough to get my refund..If i cannot get the print script track trace that withholds me from getting my refund even though its a broken outdated script? Seems very unreasonable and if thats the case USA RUNECRAFTER was the last script i buy. I appreciate you trying to help buddy my beef is not with you haha just pretty upset most expensive script i bought and it does not even work..

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Hello @paavaaoq that script has not required an update for quite some time, it is one of the oldest scripts on TRiBot. If there are any issues, I'd be more then willing to check it out.

The bot uses the TRiBot world hopper from the API, it is possible that needs an update or your client needs to be restarted.

You can message me directly on Discord or Skype and i'll help you with any issues and reset your subscription so you don't lose any time.

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      So I ask, what do you love about TRiBot and what do you hate about TRiBot? What does O S Bot, Rune M8, PowR Bot and Dre amBot do better? (yes I purposely didn't spell it right 😂).


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