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Having trouble with my client on vps, human mouse data not loading

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That message is just a notice, your bots will still run fine.

I think there's a limited amount of human mouse data, so it doesn't always load if it's all being used.
I think if you submit your own human mouse data, you'll get priority. 

@iFluffee @TRiLeZ, that's how it works, right?

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I also have the same problem, i recently added all of my Mouse Data not sure if i have to wait before i can use looking glass or what.

Regular bot works fine but i bought extended and am planning on keeping it once i get it all going. My java is also correct and i've flushed my cashe files and reloaded the game via browser and tribot still no luck.

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Still having issues saying the same thing im vip extended i've entered my own 22 files for mouse data and i still can not get on looking glass for the life of me. Is There anyone who can come give me some actual advice that will help? besides check the other posts or redownload because i have done both repeatedly. i am mind boggled

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Human mouse data and Looking Glass are not related.
You can still bot using Looking GLass if you get the human mouse message.
It probably takes some time for your mousefiles to be processed, as this needs to be looked at manually.
Human mouse data will load for you if less people are botting.

Here's a guide on how to use looking glass:


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1 minute ago, Bongloadious said:

Anybody at all know how i can fix this? Could not load human data. Reason: No human data checksum found.

i have vip extended and i also uploaded my own 22 mouse data files and nothing i have found on site has helped me. 

Please waisting my vip and my time running circles around this with no luck =[

Just because you uploaded it doesn't mean it will work. You have to wait for trilez to add the shit in which I doubt hes done for months.

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3 hours ago, Bongloadious said:

 i also can not get the client to load with looking glass only the regular client works and i figured the human mouse data may have something to do with it

Human mouse data has nothing to do with looking glass.

Fixing looking glass:

On 5/8/2017 at 2:53 AM, iFluffee said:

At the time of writing, the most reliable JDK to use is JDK 102, instead of the latest (at time of writing) 121. A direct link to the 102 JDK can be found here

Note: Many people commonly proclaim that you need the 32 Bit JDK for TRiBot to work, this is false. What you do need, is your RuneScape client, and your TRiBot client running the same bit version of Java. So, if your TRiBot client is running with the 32 bit JDK, and your OSBuddy is running the 64 bit version Looking Glass will not hook. You need to have both clients running either the 64 bit java, or the 32 bit java. Therefore, feel free to download either JDK, it really doesn't make a difference.

Step 2. Head over to the Programs and Features screen, and uninstall all other Java versions. Do not leave anything behind, as the JDK will install it's own Java Runtime Environment when the JDK installs.

Step 3. Install the JDK that you downloaded in Step 1

Step 4. Head over to http://www.rsbuddy.com/ and download the OSBuddy.jar, which can be found at this link, or under the Downloads section by clicking Cross Platform

Note: You can use the standard OSBuddy.exe but the .jar is highly recommended as it ensures compatibility.

Step 5. Launch OSBuddy using the .jar, wait for the game to load, and then launch TRiBot

Step 6. Select New Client (Looking Glass) from the TRiBot selection screen, and then hit Always Allow to all the prompts that pop up.

Step 7. TRiBot should now be hooked to OSBuddy and you're free to bot using Looking Glass



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