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Just got my mule auto-banned for RWT

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well, apparently it's a thing, as soon as i decided to convert my GE buyer(just to help out with limit, never botted) to a mule ( old account combat level XX ), dropped about XX amount onto him and bam. instantly autobanned for RWT.



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9 minutes ago, Pkpower said:

Okay I should know this but why does putting something in return help ? 

dont put something in return


27 minutes ago, Dukat said:


But seriously, level and quest on your mule and use a middle-man account. Put up SOMETHING in return.

just stop helping ppl 

guys just quit helping ppl its useless, lets all fk each other and stuff ppl dont take the advises up their ass anymore

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1 minute ago, leoshiro said:

dont put something in return


just stop helping ppl 

guys just quit helping ppl its useless, lets all fk each other and stuff ppl dont take the advises up their ass anymore

This is what I thought, giving money straight up could be giving a friend something for free, a legitimate swap, giving alt account loads of cash to get fast levels. Putting something in RETURN eg junk is so obvious to me. If I was to look at all the data of trades the ones that to me would stand out like saw thumbs are trades of millions of GP for a return item of junk ...... as what normal player has that kind of trade. 

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On 27/07/2017 at 2:46 PM, fstyle said:

I don't know how you guys get your mules banned honestly. I've been using the same mule for 2+ years and I have traded alot back and forth on gold sites. :-/ I'm not doing anything but just trade straight up.

Have you done any Quests/Training on your Mule

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