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Cannot Open TriBot Loader

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Hi everyone,

I am very new to TriBot, although fairly experienced in the botting world, and tried installing it for the first time today. However, on launching Tribot_Loader a white box with a red X in one corner opens, and on mouseover changes the pointer to a loading icon. Clicking the red X doesn't actually close the window and after a while an error pops up saying "Java Platform SE binary is not responding".


I combed through the forums looking for solutions, and I tried uninstalling a reinstalling the correct Java version (JDK 8u131), re-downloaded the loader multiple times, and even used the "jarfix" recommended by the mods on some threads. Unsure of what to do now. 

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Hi there, welcome to TRiBot.

The TRiBot.jar file should be opened with Java.

Sometimes your computer doesn't know what program to open .jar files with, or opens them with the wrong program.

A simple way to solve this is use this tool called JarFixer, which sets your .jar file extensions to open with Java properly.
Here's a link to JarFixer, run it, and then try double clicking your TRiBot.jar file.

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Hi YoHoJo,

Thanks for the quick reply.

I found your replies to other problems on the forums and tried using the JarFixer but did not help me in this situation. I tried it again after reading your post just to be sure, and the results were the same for me. 

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