At the time of writing, the most reliable JDK to use is JDK 102, instead of the latest (at time of writing) 121. A direct link to the 102 JDK can be found here Note: Many people commonly proclaim that you need the 32 Bit JDK for TRiBot to work, this is false. What you do need, is your RuneScape client, and your TRiBot client running the same bit version of Java. So, if your TRiBot client is running with the 32 bit JDK, and your OSBuddy is running the 64 bit version Looking Glass will not hook. You need to have both clients running either the 64 bit java, or the 32 bit java. Therefore, feel free to download either JDK, it really doesn't make a difference. Step 2. Head over to the Programs and Features screen, and uninstall all other Java versions. Do not leave anything behind, as the JDK will install it's own Java Runtime Environment when the JDK installs. Step 3. Install the JDK that you downloaded in Step 1 Step 4. Head over to and download the OSBuddy.jar, which can be found at this link, or under the Downloads section by clicking Cross Platform Note: You can use the standard OSBuddy.exe but the .jar is highly recommended as it ensures compatibility. Step 5. Launch OSBuddy using the .jar, wait for the game to load, and then launch TRiBot Step 6. Select New Client (Looking Glass) from the TRiBot selection screen, and then hit Always Allow to all the prompts that pop up. Step 7. TRiBot should now be hooked to OSBuddy and you're free to bot using Looking Glass