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Break handler.. Not working at all?

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So, I notice my break handler is not working, at all. Now, Ill start by saying I get very paranoid when botting. I never bot then sleep if I care about the acct, Ive been succsesfully botting atleast 2 accounts without ban the past month. This has gained me a mil in starting cash and hopefully will be able to bot basic combat stats on both accounts, (40 atk/str/range on one and 40/atk/def/30str/30 range on the other which is to be turned into a main).

Ive made decent progress on one, getting 40 str and 20 atk with 25 range all in a couple hours of botting and babysitting the bots. Doing things like cooking/smoking/playing other games while my bots run but never botting for more than 4 hours max, and checking on them on the hour. So, I say all this to say I know for SURE the break handler is NOT initiating breaks. I have several breaks saved in the handler, and have even tried really short run times (30 minutes for example) just to test if the break handler will stop the script and it never has. I suicide botted an acct last night with it set up to run for 8 hours with an hour break and came to find it had actually ran for about 13.5 hours before the logins began failing from it being banned.

After having typed all of this, it kind of occured to me there may already be a post stickied somewhere regarding this. But if there is its not in the bot help and to be quite honest I find the search function rather inneffective on this sight as it returns lots of non-sense no matter what I type into the seach bar. So, if theres already a post answering this question please kindly link me to it or if not what can I do to make the break handler work? Do I need to clear any caches? I have deleted and re-installed the client multiple times for various reasons and notice it has saved all of my breaks as well as accounts. So it makes me wonder if I must recreate new breaks after re-installing the client, or if its a cache issue meaning I need to clear my client cache in order to make the break handler function.

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Just now, JoeyJoe11 said:

When you start the script, you have all of your botting files listed and directly below that you have your Accounts and break handler, there you select your breaks handler and the account, have you been doing that? You have to implement the breaks before the script is started.

Yes, I catch myself forgetting to do this/stopping re-running scripts to make absolute sure I have the one I want selected. When I first began using tri-bot, I remember the break handler functioning. I'd "suicide" with 6-8 hour runtimes and 1-2 hour breaks and would come back and check the client debug to see when the login bot was initiating, and it was consistent with my break times/run times. Now however, I select the break and the account just as you mentioned and it never works. I just deleted the tri-bot launcher and re-downloaded it and am going to delete all the breaks I have and create fresh ones to see if that solves anything. I'll edit OP if it does fix by making new breaks.

Should I try posting this on the official post for the scripts I'm using? Like could it be an issue with the scripts and not the client?

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It could be the script, but im pretty sure it is the tribot client itself that manages the break handling. Try something like: runtime: 0000:57:41 Randomness: 0000:22:38, Duration: 0000:15:13 Randomness: 0000:06:17. Occurrence: Repeat. Make sure that the runtime and duration never never reach 0 with a +- Randomness

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