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OSRS is pointless

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Hello all.


i have been playing this game since 2002 . I have quit many many times. and recently decided to play a bit of RS3 with the legacy mode and the older graphic layout the game is just like it was back in 2010 . REALLY good! so  honestly i feel like back when they were releasing eoc they should have had legacy implemented right away and we would have a much better community, and there would have been no need for oldschool RS. I mean lets be honest oldschool RS just to play for fun is lame AF.  

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whatever makes you happy man. There are a lot of sad salty people in any community you go to. just make sure you understand that happiness only comes from within yourself, nothing else.

I'm happy you posted, even though its completely irrelevant to my life. Its just nice to see happy people in general giving their honest opinion without caring what other people think.

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Let's for a minute assume that it was *just* the combat system that causes people to lean towards OSRS: A lot of people (like me), who have played Runescape for a number of years alongside other MMO's such as WoW feel like EoC was just a desperate attempt to "catch up" to the typical Cookie-Cutter Action-Bar-based RPG.

EoC really isn't the least bit innovative, or "evolved" in any way, tbh. Which for some people takes away a lot of the luster that Runescape and its simplistic point-and-click gameplay emits. If I wanted to play Action-Bar Whack-A-Mole I would renew my WoW subscription; not play a sub-par clunkier version of it. And yeah there's the argument that I can use Legacy, but as previously stated it will only gimp you in RS3.

I mean don't even get me started on PvP; there's a reason OSRS has a higher pop for Pking as is, and it's because the older formula is far less convoluted. Have fun getting jumped by a T90 ranger who can 3shot a tank whilst mitigating all damage received with Super-brews, Rocktail Soups, Portents and healing/defensive Abilities.

PvP is still so unbalanced even after over 5 years of EoC being out, and at this point it looks like they've given up on it. Instead they just keep piling on more and more Powerful gear. Torva set? Malevolent set? Tetsu set? Sirenic armor? Anima armor? Bleh; all of this bulky, dull, uninspired, forgettable crap. I enjoy logging in and seeing a classic Verac, Dharok, or that one guy sitting at G,E with a Fire-Cape, Torso, Helm of Neitznot, and Whip. 

And that's really what it comes down to for me, I guess. Not just the Combat, but the general Meta-Game, gameplay focus, and aesthetic of all the Armor/Weaponry. It doesn't even feel like the Runescape I fell in love with.Anyways, I do log into my RS3 from time to time, but everything feels so menial on it. My RS3 cash-stack is probably 1000x bigger than my OSRS, but I couldn't even be arsed to spend 15 minutes a day to do my old flipping routines, or spend my GP on finishing off my 99's, what with all of the maxed accounts nowadays.

"OSRS is pointless" Hah okay then; I guess that Title sums up how you feel.If you are happy with RS3 then that's fine, but for me, after getting settled into 07scape, I feel more at home than I have in a long time with the "live" version (which is kind of hard to call it anymore, considering OSRS has a larger player-base)

This topic seemed a little bit Trollish, but I needed to rant either way so it's a win-win:D

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