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Im pretty sure either proxies and VPNs are effectively the same with different means of operation, but... Im still pretty ignorant on the subject of both. The ONLY good thing I know is that if your in need of anonymity from an entire government there are some VPN services that do and some that DO NOT comply with the 5 eyes 7 eyes yata yata. Anyways, the extenet of my experience with a proxy is using websites like hidemyass to play runescape in a highschool library.



So, if I purchase a VPN product will the Servers provided their be applicable to using on tri bot client?


If not, can someone guide me to such a service/proxie server list thats trustable? Since Im paying for VIP, I dont see a point in not paying for a proxie as well. Please help asap so I can get the absolute most out of these 30 days

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OK, well I found this super seclusive sight that offers a small amount of free proxie servers. It offerse http https sock 4 as well as sock4/5 . I tried all the sock 5 ones as I recall that being reccomended somewhere else on this forum and the port I used was 1080. None worked. Is there a specific encryption type needed to work with tri bot/ specific port I must use or are these proxies just denying my tri bot client access/just bad proxies?

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27 minutes ago, dmpest said:

I wouldn't use public proxies as they could be flagged , purchase a private proxy on the tribot services forum page to be safe.

Thanks. The site I found the proxies on is a reputable VPN service that doesnt incluce proxies in their VPN service but they do include a free sock5 proxie search function. I searched for sock5 Proxies and only 10 populated the search. The site guarentees each proxy is checked daily to see it its active and the tribot client would only load with one of them. However, the problem was then when I checked the runtime info, the proxy IP was listed as Proxy: None. I even tested it with my web browser, and it connected to google and even ran agar.io with no basically 0 latency. Upon checking my own ip, it showed my proxies IP and not my own. So is this a bug in the client or is it an error on my side? I did for sure have the afforementioned proxy selected before clicking start on the client....


The rest of this will be a semi-rant, so feel free to not read it. I go the extent of trying some of the incredibly sketchy proxy listing services. What gets me the most, is a surprisingly vast amount of them offer sock5 proxies tailored/marketed specifically toward OSRS botting programs. Like, if the point is for jagex to not know your using a proxy, thats got to be the most ignorant thing ever. It just gives jagex a great headstart on combatting the issue of people using sock 5 proxies because Im 100% sure jagex would devote more of their bot combatting resources to chain banning sock5 proxies from sites who advertise it specifically for their game than ones who market it towards the average pirater/torrenting person not wanting to seed from his own IP. Or atleast not blatantly reveal him self.

Anyways, every single one of them required paypal or a bitcoin wallet to use. I finally found a succsesful wc location for f2p that nets me 100-200k gp per hour at only 55 WC level. That is going to fund my suiciding botting for weeks while I have that cash stashed on a 10 year old mule I gave up when shitscape3 destroyed it.. And Im to pittifully attached to that account to suicide bot it, even though I think if I did it right, changed locations every time, and only ran 3-4 hours with breaks, alternated skills, did everything right I  think jagex would likely over look it if I had a good proxy because I know for a fact after suicide botting 4 accounts with the same script within a week. Im too scared to even try to bot with the one bot I actually bought membership for.....

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These are some VPSes : 


These are already setup, and ready to bot tribot.


These are some Proxies:


Guide on how to use proxies:

A proxy is basically a seperate IP you can carry around in your pocket, and use pretty much on any computer with an internet connection.

There are more VPSes and proxies that can be found @ https://tribot.org/forums/forum/62-services/


The search button is your friend.

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The main difference between proxies and vpns are that a vpn is applied to all applications on the system, where proxies can be used on different apps. Whether you want to open up 5 web browser and use a different proxy for each one or config 5 bot clients to use different proxies, if you did the same with a vpn all would use that vpn connection. Using proxies AND a vpn is redundant and useless. So a vpn can let you run bots on the same ip, that's different from your home ip, and proxies allow you to have each bot with a different ip.

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