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[R] Script Queue Tutorial

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So i am pretty much a long term botter especially when it comes to Tribot or botting in general. But there are multiple features of tribot that i have no found a use for or by its name kind of peaks my interest. One of them is Script Queue. I was told by a very good scripter @daxmagex about script queing. It was very brief and he hasnt used it himself but the idea behind it is to start a separate script when one ends. Kind of portraying multi-tasking/skilling in OSRS. As you all may know from playing legit way back in 2007 or even of recently. You really dont stay to one skill for very long and could jump back and forth between multiple skills. All in all, in helping the community be a bit more lazy and afk. Please someone with a higher IQ than myself make a tutorial on how to use the script queue to its highest potential. And if there is a way to save a preset so you can "randomize" the scripts and order of skills you train would be awesome!


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This would actually be really great.  I tried making a script queue by taking the Ex Tutorial script from the repo, and my own custom script, but it appears to crash the repo script, and run my instantly after. 

Idk if its just a fluke that it doesn't work with that particular script or something but it seems like it runs right other than that one.

I kinda just hit queue > add script (I just kept doing this to get the scripts that I wanted to use in the order I wanted to uses it) 
Then press file > save (might as well save it as a preset :D)
Then either hit Queue > run 
Or Start.  

That, as far as I can tell will just run them in order, but you can also have it automatically turn off with max runtime being set (randomize the exact time by changing the +/- field below) 

Same goes for the Start delay

Thats the most help I can give unfortunately.  I just tested it out for a little bit before so I'm no pro at it at all lol

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