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I mean you should have never used Epicbot....Here is the basics so far.
Keep in mind i created 4 or 5 accounts and all but one have been banned over the last month. (the one that hasnt been banned is good stats now).

ALWAYS use looking glass.
ALWAYS use premium scripts (i do use walker script to keep the clicking close to the same).
ALWAYS use human mouse data.
Recommend watching the bots just in case.
I turn off all chat and trading just in case but some people say otherwise.
Use a break handler over a 5 to 7 hours period and bot like a human would.
I do not bot more then 7hrs a day, and take random days off from "playing" like a would normally.
The age on the account matters as well, if you are under 18 chances are you aren't playing the game until after 4PM.
I bot during work hours (10ish to 4ish) but bot how you normally play.

And don't use crappy scripts and even crappier bot clients ;)

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21 hours ago, bas436 said:




As a extreme money spender on not only Tribot but many other things. Premium scripts as everyone says is a must. Some free are also good but just think of it in the mindset of a scripter. Would you spend time on updating something that is free, earning you no income or something paid for, earning you your food? I am not saying that they neglect their free scripts but premium scripts get the upper hand in support/updates. That being said, i am a VIP-E myself, and have been for many months. I have botted with and without LG. In my opinion, I dont think LG helped all that much. It actually caused a bit more problems with scripts since the sync or something between the clients sometimes cause scripts to missclick and all other sorts of things. But it does get the whole "They cant detect a 3rd party client" mind set out of you. Which if you think it's worth the 8 dollars then go for it. There is no saying if they even do use detection of 3rd party clients. All the "This is how they are banning us and how to reduce it" nonsense is all speculations. And maybe they do do these things.


Sorry for the paragraph. Simply put:

1. Bot at a moderate pace. Don't go for extended amounts of time. I recommend 8-10 hours per day. Not 8-10 hours per script. maybe 1-3 hours per script, multiple scripts per day.

2. LG is optional, Not a must or have to.

3. Do NOT bot FRESH accounts straight out of Tut island. You are most likely wasting your time and efforts. Play legit for about 2-3 weeks i would recommend. Quest, skills, train etc.

4. Do NOT bot on an account you are not willing to lose.

5. This is personal thing. But i would transfer all valuables/profits to a mule account. Maybe a main or some sort. Just incase of a chain ban/bane wave. (MAKE SURE if you are going to do this method. Please at least make your mule/log in on your mule on a different IP. Just so they can not trace it back to you in any way.) 

6. HAVE FUN. Experience the world of botting. Do what works for you. I can only give you advice on what works for me. 


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On 2/15/2017 at 6:47 PM, AussieBotter said:

My advice is don't bot an account you care about, Jagex appears to have dramatically increased ban-rates since January.

Thats for sure, I setup one account to bot using my own private script. Since the Tribot break, my script was messed up because interfaces were changed. Just because my bot clicked the same thing for 3 times in a row, they detected my account within 8 hours and banned it :/

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On 3/23/2017 at 6:59 PM, OnAxis said:

Can anyone clarify on what is the general consenus with banning?

What if I bot 30 minutes per day doing mining? Is it a client/script detection? Can anyone help?

It is mostly script quality that will get you banned. If you bot 30 minutes with a good premium script you should be fine honestly.

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On 3/24/2017 at 6:59 AM, OnAxis said:

Can anyone clarify on what is the general consenus with banning?

What if I bot 30 minutes per day doing mining? Is it a client/script detection? Can anyone help?

there are lots of things that could get you banned.

And yes if you bot only 30 mins per day you could still get caught, especially when the script you're sucks. you could take alot of precautions to lessen the chances of a ban, though.

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1 hour ago, Tickyy said:

Can anyone explain what 'Looking glass' is?

not 100% sure but I think it simply reflects the stuff on the chosen client(can be official rs client, osbuddy) you're using into tribot. People claim to have lower ban rates when using looking glass but I havent personally tied it.

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