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Universal Web Walker [Open Source]

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Source over at GitHub






Debug Paint:




How to use Api-Key

        WebWalker.setApiKey(apiKey, secretKey);


My web walker will always be free, and the engine will always be open sourced

However, I currently pay 79 per month keeping my computation server up to be able to support Tribot's huge user base. Pathfinding algorithms aren't exactly light on the CPU. I've spent 200+ on the open beta keeping servers up for the past 3 months (40 + 79 + 79). I will try my best to keep the engine updated but I cannot guarantee I will be available to do so. Overtime, there will be more documentation on my walker engine. Feel free to create your own git branches and add features to my walker.

If you profit from making scripts and use my webwalker, please consider buying yourself an api key. The public key will hit its call limit if everyone uses it. Funds go towards server costs and development time. 

Keep in mind that you are paying for the computational server + client-server communication, not the engine which is completely open sourced. Server will be up 99% of the time. I've managed to keep a total downtime of <30 minutes the past 3 months.

Contact me right after you bought an api key!


400 Call Limit (~6.6 calls per second) resets every minute

Free! - Already Included in source



1000 Call Limit (~16.6 calls per second) resets every minute





3000 Call Limit (~50 calls per second) resets every minute





Not a developer? Support my project through Patreon!

Public key limit will be raised once I hit the goal! All patrons have access to a developers key.





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Will there be a replacement for web walker's walk to bank functionality? Since I do a lot of botting near the GE, it's annoying how buggy the webwalker can be. Plus, the GE isn't a bank according to the webwalker :(



Implemented this into my current project. Works flawlessly. Fantastic job.


[EDIT 2]

Made a simple addition that finds the nearest bank based on the WebWalker tile array length :) So it's no problem anymore.


[EDIT 3]

Gotta say, this is just so nice. I can tell it to go to an arbitrary location, IE top of the wizards tower, or into the varrok sewer, and it has no problems. Great job!

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      I purchased dax aio combat 2 days ago and have spent countless hours trying to figure out how to set up custom banking with no luck. Other people have tried to help me and also had no idea so I'm just wondering if anyone that has experience with the script can teach me atleast the basics to setting it up so I can figure it out.
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      For the past week, I've been on my own webwalker since Tribot's Webwalker is lacking functionality and accuracy.
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