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Godspower33 Scripter Application

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1) Snippets:  N / A

2) Tutorials:  N / A

3) Randoms/updates submitted:  N / A

4) Scripts available to the public: [Source] (Link to thread)

I previously applied with these three scripts, I went through and did a near complete re-write on all of them.

Source: Gods Fungus


Source: Gods Man Killer


Source: Gods Pizza Topper

5) Short biography / Coding Experience: 

I'm currently a college student studying Computer Science. I have been scripting for TRiBot for awhile now, before that I had worked on private servers and on Scar. I have been writing some public scripts and maintaining them, but mostly I have written scripts that I use for personal botting. I have always been a gold-farmer and I like to write new scripts for any new or unique methods that I find or hear about.

6) Reasons why you feel you deserve Scripter: 

I would make a good addition because I can provide quality scripts with consistent updates when needed and not go inactive without some form of notice ( which is unlikely, I haven't gone inactive since I started botting.) 

7) What you plan to provide the community with: 

Providing the community with quality scripts, and tutorials if I see the need to create some for the benefit of the community. Also maintaining all my scripts available on repository if any user reports a bug or error in the script.

8) Do you agree to continue to not only update, but provide more free, open sourced scripts to the community? 



@Usa  Source: Gods Man Killer  Is the script that has abc2 implementation. 


@laniax I don't mean to say this the wrong way, but what would constitute a non-basic script? I do know that my Man Killer, Pizza Topper are fairly basic, only requiring a few actions. I suppose it could be said about the Fungus collector as well. I would just like your opinion on a good script to write. When you say my naming conventions are named weirdly, are you referring to the naming I chose to use, or based off Java naming conventions. Also, what do you mean specifically when you say my code is complex and annoyingly split up? I went back through and added in ABC2 trackers, and Choose option menu opening. I appreciate your time for checking out my code, thanks.

@Usa Ah okay, I see now. I was originally adding a static value to my ab2WaitTimes because I thought it wouldn't have a value in there at first since I didn't generate trackers and add the value to the list until after it attacks a npc. That makes a lot more sense, I didn't fully understand abc2 from the tutorial and tried searching for open source scripts that have it, however I didn't find any that were of help. I think I understand now how I should be generating trackers and using them off your pseudo-code now. I am gonna update the source code later tonight once I get back home.


@Usa Can I get an update on my decision please? It's been nearly two months since I originally posted my application, and I tried reaching out to you via Discord when you were online, but no response.

Edited by godspower33
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While your code is mostly decent, I would like to see you contribute more recently to the community. It's still a yes from me as you're active in the community/discord as well, but I wish you had applied with different concept scripts than last time.

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I'm not really impressed, basic scripts, code is obviously convoluted, naming is weird sometimes, things are annoyingly split up.
But the interaction with the TRiBot API looks okay, i was planning to vote yes until i checked on your ABC2 usage in your man killer, i cannot find any trackers being generated, or any reaction times being slept, nor any choose option menu items being hovered, etc. If you properly implement ABC2 - 10 into one of your scripts, i'd change my vote. But for now it's a no.

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Follow up to laniax's post since he hasn't commented about your changes.

When hovering or menu opening, make sure the mouse is in bounds first.
For the generate method, you should be using the average wait times that your character was idle for. For combat, idle is defined as the duration you are in combat before having to perform an action.
You should only be generating trackers in your combat method. Walking is something that can be quantified and not something that is variable.

I see no need for move to anticipated or switch on high competition and the rest of the ABC2 methods appear to be implemented.

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For your Gods Man Killer,

	public void execute() {
		GodsManKiller.status = "Killing a man";
		RSNPC[] man = NPCs.find("Man");
		if (man.length > 0) {
			final RSNPC target = AntiBan.selectNextTarget(man);
			abc2WaitTimes.add(General.random(1200, 2800));

You add to your list of wait times a static value General.random(1200, 2800)

What you want to do is calculate the reaction time, and generate the trackers based off that waiting time.


Find NPC
Walk to NPC if not on screen
If NPC on screen continue
Timer startTime
Attack NPC
Sleep until combat is complete...
While in combat -> if shouldHover -> hover(NPC)
If combat is complete -> generateTrackers(currentTime - startTime)

Few notes:
- You will want to sleep for the reaction time before performing the next task... not just attacking, that will include walking to the NPC and any other actions that sets you up prior to performing your task whatever it may be (Combat, Talking, etc.)
- You need to get the elapsed time that you were performing the task, that is the value you pass when generating the trackers
- You will also want to perform timed actions while in that loop when you are currently in combat, do not perform them immediately after as that will create a detectable pattern

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