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Bitcoin Payments

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30 minutes ago, godspower33 said:

When are we getting our compensation from like two weeks ago? @TRiLeZ

Here's the latest update on that:

6 hours ago, TRiLeZ said:

All users who lost VIP status due to the downtime were compensated on November 16. Script subscription extensions are a bit more tricky to apply and we've been busy with unexpected business administration tasks but they will be applied by tomorrow.

If you believe you didn't receive your VIP extension, reply here and I'll look into it.

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1 hour ago, TRiLeZ said:

No, I'm able to withdraw it to another wallet. I really don't know why they shut down my account unless it's because I wasn't making them any money as I never made any fiat conversions.

If coin base suspects your reselling bitcoin via there wallet they sometimes freeze accounts since its against the TOS .

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On 12/25/2016 at 11:18 AM, guywithlsd said:

jeez, just buy credits for osrs gp from resellers..?  whats the problem..


because they are over priced. i rather pay 1 credit for $1 instead of 1 credit for like 1.3m osrs gold.


Hopely bitcoin payment will come back soon :( 

Edited by pansongvita

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