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What Sleep Methods Are Interrupt-able by the client "Stop Script" button

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Scripts.sleep(), general.sleep(), and ABCUtil.sleep() all seem to function relatively the same.  I would guess ABCUtil is the newest and it throws an InterruptedException, which I am assuming is thrown by the Stop Script button in the client..  Which one should we used for fixed sleeps? ABCUtil?

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30 minutes ago, erickho123 said:

use General.sleep

Thanks erickho123! Do you have any insight as to why use General.sleep over the other two? Thanks

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If you want a completely fixed sleep, use General.sleep_definite as it ignores the sleep modifier (antiban). Otherwise, General.sleep will work fine. It will sleep for x miliseconds with a small randomization for antiban.

Read the docs for the sleep here:



ABCUtil#sleep should only be used for ABC related sleeps, as it is interruptable by the ABC thread in the event you're in combat or it needs to interrupt the sleep.

Script#sleep is the same as General#sleep (if you decompile tribot, that's what you will find out)




Script#sleep is same as General#sleep

Use General#sleep for sleeping purposes

Use ABC#sleep for reaction time sleeps only. They are interrupted by the abc2 thread

use Timing#waitCondition if you want the script to sleep until a specific condition has been reached

All sleeps will pretty much be stopped the moment you click stop script. Even if the script calls General.sleep(Long.MAX_VALUE), the script will pretty much be stopped immediately.

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