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Using Webwalker for local movement?

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I am learning triBot's API and the current webwalker seems to behave oddly.  My script stays in a small area of perhaps 20x20 tiles.  Occasionally the Player needs to move to a different random tile that is a small translation of the current position.  However, instead of walking directly to this tile using webwalker, almost every time or very often it will walk just outside of my area as if it is walking to a more common checkpoint THEN calculating the path to my tile from there.  This results in really roundabout pathing that is not at all humanlike.

I have seen some other methods for walking such as Walking.walkTo(), Walking.blindWalkTo(), Walking.walkPath, etc.  Should I be using the Walking class for this/in general? What do people generally use?  I read on another post that webwalking is relatively broken on tribot and there are some users who have written their own walking libraries, however it is what trilez uses in his guides.

All feedback/discussion greatly appreciated! Thanks

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Tribots webwalking only really works well in f2p areas, and even then some areas have been updated in game but not on the walker. Walking class is fairly good for walking short distances however it isn't the best for navigating around terrain/in game paths. You ideally would use a variety of the walking classes which include Walking, WebWalking, PathFinding, and DPathNavigator. The Projection class can also be useful.

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