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Questions about Botting 2 accounts on one IP

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Basically as the title says I want to run two different accounts on one IP address. One of the bots will just be using an AFK crab script so the likeliness of it being caught is extremely low, but the other will be training F2P with actual scripts that have to click around a ton. What do you guys think the chances of my f2p account being caught and causing my p2p afk crab acc to be caught? Also any suggestions for good STR/ATK f2p training scripts that have low ban rates please!

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Both will be banned eventually, the F2P will indefinitely be banned.

I would recommend using 2 proxies one for each account to totally separate the chance of a chain ban.


You can view our proxies here: virtualbuddy.org

We're having a black friday sale, using GETTHATGOLD30 for 30% off regular priced proxies.

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