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Paid 140 btc$ and havent recieved credits in 3 days

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hey man
i sent 140 dollar  in btc to buy credits
but i dont seem to have recieved the credits.
Transactions sent and received from bitcoin address 139RrJDnmeUhxEzYrPEq1CyCVG3TRx3nGv.
the transaction^^
my profile^^
if you can get back to me to see what has happened that'd be great

Thanks for @Usa for redirecting me to here. 

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Your bitcoins have been refunded to the Coinbase account associated with the email address you entered upon sending the payment. Please check your email.

Please note that you must send the exact payment amount, and you must not subtract the network fee from that amount. Further, the payment must be sent within 10 minutes of the receiving address being created. If you try using a 3rd party such as Circle, QuickBT, or any other bitcoin service where you are buying bitcoins, please note that the service may not send the bitcoins to our Coinbase address within this 10 minute window. Please have bitcoins in a wallet before trying to send a payment.

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