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Charged randomly through the site with no notice

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Hi. I was trying to purchase credits on the site and as I did so (through my mastercard) the box stated my address for the card was invalid. I tried a few different addresses from what I thought it should be (with no luck, I'm also sure I punched in the right address associated - also since when do they ask for this information), then as I checked my card statement I noticed something entirely weird. They had charged my from $1.50-$2.50 multiple times (literally 9 attempts) when there was no notification of any charge nor a confirmation of any sort. What gives??? I'll surely be fighting the charge with the mindset of not wanting to associate with the website anymore.



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I'm assuming this happened while paying with Stripe?

I believe that the charges will be refunded to you, as they were processed through a glitch and weren't intentional. TRiBot as a company doesn't have access to your card number, that's why we use Stripe; so it wasn't us maliciously using your card.

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