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Hi all,

Is there a item id list i can refer to?  i know the method to use debug to view the item ID.

However, there are multiple item ID of the same item for example coin:


ID Name  
617 Coins
995 Coins
8890 Coins


or for item

5974 Coconut
5975 Coconut
5976 Coconut
5977 Coconut

How to see which code to use or which stands for noted item and non noted item or does it stand for the amount?

Also i dont have all the item to use debug and see the item ID so is there a item list?


Much appreciated for any help!  

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Where do you see the id of coins as something other than 995?

I normally use the grand exchange website to search for ids by item name.

For example when I go to the grand exchange page on oldschool runescape and search for salmon, you will get the item id in the url:



To know if the id is for a noted item or not, simply withdraw the item and use the debug feature in tribot to debug the inventory. It will show the id for the noted. The debug doesn't show amount.

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On 11/18/2016 at 0:20 AM, godslayerz said:

@OmniMind  so for example, if it drops coconut unnoted i use your ge method and get the item id from the url.


If it is noted, i just have to purchase one and use the debug mode? does the ID remain the same regardless of amount?

Yes the ID remains the same regardless of amount. And no for your first statement, the URL method can't be used for noted items, simply withdraw it noted from the bank to get the noted ID, and unnoted for the unnoted id.

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