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Peculiar bug where scripts dont load correctly per instance

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Description of the bug (be specific):

I just started using tribot and for some reason every instance I open after the first instance loads incorrectly.

E.g. If I loaded a combat script, the first instance would detect the IDs of the mod in vicinity correctly, however in the second instance it would show the same as the first instance, and every instance after that would only show the mobs in the first instance rather than in their own instance.

Another example would be a questing script only detecting which quests have been completed on the account of the first instance no matter which instance i opened the script on.

How often the bug occurs:

I've tried restarting the client multiple times to no avail

Triggers of the bug (if known):

Java version:

1.8.0_111 64bit

Max Heap Size:


TRiBot client version:


Looking Glass (yes/no):


Operating System:

Win7 64bit

Script Name:

LAN quest completer, AIO combat

TRiBot Old-School or RS3:


Client Debug:


Bot Debug:


Screenshots (if any):

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Some scripts interact poorly with tabs. Are you using tabs or two separate clients? If you're using tabs on one client, try loading two separate clients and see if that helps.


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normally I get the issue where the second LG client open on the same tribot client will get the stats from the first account . So then the 2nd "tab" or LG client will then reflect the stats of the first account running.  Besides that the script still works perfectly fine, despite the paint being wrong. I also think loading separate clients will solve your issue. Cheers and Good Luck :D

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