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Seperating jagex caches

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So today I reformatted my computer to Ubuntu. In the past I have always used Sandboxie in windows and ran each instance of tribot in a seperate sandbox that i made for each individual proxy. This way i would have 1 account per proxy and each time i would go to run that account i would open its designated sandbox so it would load and save to that jagexcache seperate from the others in the other sandboxes.

Sandboxie is not available for Linux, i was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on preferably free linux (ubuntu) applications i could use in its place. This is also very important to me because I play from my Main on my home IP and would cry if i lost him. I do not necessarily need it to be a sandbox in the antimalware tool sense , the only thing i use it for is to create and isolated environment for each accounts jagexcache. Is there a way I  can just run tribot and set it to save/load from one folder only? Like when i launch it from the terminal if i could designate the folder to load and save the cache for that account i think it would work just as well.

Also would like to hear everyones opinions on hwid detection and if the jagex cache actually plays a role in linking accounts together and chain bans.

Thanks in advanced

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