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Is Botting/Tribot still safe if used properly


Hello All!

Im sure this topic has been  talked into the ground, but there is just so much misinformation that I have to find out on my own.  

Is tribot, and botting in general still safe if done correctly (no more than 8 hours a day and using breaks)?  I'm seeing a lot of conflicting info out there saying jagex can or cant detect clients or whether they have a system to detect how your mouse moves  vs the bot.  A lot of this information is dated though, 2014 or 2015 and I dont see many updates on bot sites regarding those issues.    I'm planning on using the bot to create a main, but don't want to bot on it to only get banned a few months down the road and lose everything.  The main thing I'm seeing is that people will bot for a few weeks and when they start playing legit they get banned (suggesting jagex can see different mouse movement patterns). I would be fine just doing the leveling legit but with the addition of old school runesape, the idea of starting at lvl 3 isnt very tempting being that I had a maxed main back when I used to play.

The main thing I will use the bot for is lvling str and attack.  I don't plan on  hardcore skill botting.  The most I would bot skills is just to get quest requirements (60 in a skill at max).  I just cant  stomach training 99 attack and str again on a new account lol.  


Please and thankyou!

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