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Card suspected as fruadulent.

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so I tried paying with my card that I have used MULTIPULE times to pay with, I went to make a payment and by mistake messed up one 1 number and then correctly put in the right number and its not accepting my payment. THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED. NO I'm not going to pay more for credits using any other method. This is getting ridiculous. How many people have this problem and nothing is done about it? lets get our shit together tribot I'm not paying with rsgp or any other way that cost more because its a rip off. ill go somewhere else ffs

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The only method where you pay a premium price is through a reseller, as they're providing a service and profiting from it. For now, you can try purchasing credits via Bitcoin (Coinbase is highly recommended if you're in Canada or the US) or try an alternative payment processor (such as PayPal or Stripe) .

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