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My player got killed using Tri AIO premium script. Any ideas why?

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So i left my player in the Varrock Sewer killing deadly red spiders with a full inventory of lobbies.  I had it set to bank whenever I was out of food. However I left the script alone for an hour and i come back to it and I died and appeared back in lumby! What gives? I don't even know how I managed to die. My character is lvl 68 and the spiders are like 34. Could it have been a random event? I noticed there were not setting for random events. Any advice or feedback welcome

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I believe TRiBot dismisses all randoms by default.

Script could have been setup incorrectly or malfunctioned. 
I'm thinking it either didn't do eating or ran over to moss giants.

I recommend monitoring it for a few cycles to see what's up.

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