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Netami's Alcher [ABC2] [GE Support] [Profit/Loss Tracking]

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Welcome to my most recent public release: Netami's Alcher! This script includes the following:

  • Advanced timing between actions
  • GE restocking (more below)
  • Informative but simple paint
  • Ends script on out of items/runes

GE Restocking information: This script obtains it's prices when needed from RSBuddy Exchange. If placed at the Grand Exchange, the script will attempt to buy more natures runes/alching items with the cash that is in it's inventory. If it cannot buy the items within several minutes OR does not have enough cash left for >= 10 alchs, the script will end. If your player is not placed at the Grand Exchange, the script will end when out of runes or items.

Please note that as of release the script has had limited testing. Please use at own risk/babysit.

All feedback is welcome, but features are not likely to be extended.




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6 hours ago, NinjadGuy said:

GE support seems to be broken, it says not at GE when out of items even though I'm standing near the GE bank.

Planning to fix that? @Netami

Just tested and it restocked items for me, make sure you're standing in front of a Grand Exchange Clerk. If it still doesn't work let me know and I'll try to help out.

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Loving the GE support, but I have found a bug that happens sometimes, after buying new supplies it tries to drag the items to the correct position, even though it still have GE interface open. 
So: Failsafe, after buying supplies check if interface is open, if so close GE interface then drag items down to the correct position :) 

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