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Possibly hacked? - trial time used / can't run any bots

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20 minutes ago, lethalds said:



I haven't botted in a while, can mods reset my trail time? I changed my password.. I believe I was hacked. 

I don't believe this can be reset? I'll tag @Todd but I'm pretty sure you'll have to just wait it out.

In the event you were hacked, change your password, check your email and do a quick scan of your computer to ensure it doesn't happen again!

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32 minutes ago, AussieBotter said:

So do you think someone hacked your account to use your 2 free hours?


2 hours ago, zeslicer said:

I laughed


2 hours ago, Z3D said:

Lol, this isn't just you trying to get more time because you ran out is it :P

haha, no. if there's a way to see my forum activity / botting usage you'll see that I haven't been on in quite a while.. I went to use a script recently and it said I had already been running a script and that I had to purchase VIP to run more scripts at once.. which is odd because I only had the one client open and haven't botted in a long time.. couldn't have been me, after I changed my password I got that 2 hour trail error posted in the thread. Maybe a mod can verify that it wasn't me? I'm not trying to get free trial time though I'd rather buy VIP but I wanted to test a script first.

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