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Got hacked after 10 min after botting GnomeAgility bot???

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2 minutes ago, bluefirecorp said:

Standard Tribot client? Any proxy? Download a gold generator recently?

Yea, just downloaded the client. Didnt download anything in like 3-4 days. I also have another account main account which has alot more to lose and which i dont bot on. It wasnt touched. No proxy and no generators. Just got the client and just added the script.  

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1 hour ago, fatdoobie2 said:

idk fam definitely not tribot since all scripts are scanned for malicious code, and I'm pretty sure theres failsafes in place to prevent this kind of thing happening at all.

But holy shit guys, read that thread, this guy cannon has a complete meltdown over getting banned lol

Please link me :)

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