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Can't buy VIP

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7 hours ago, YoHoJo said:

Although the page itself is accessible to users with IPV6, I was thinking after the button is pressed some database manipulations occur involving IP address.

I saw a post earlier today where a user got a DB error "column IP cannot be null" when trying to verify his email.
He had an IPV6 address, and the query used INET_ATON, which takes an IPV4 addresses, or results in null.
So I'm thinking activating VIP does something similar.

Or someone with IPV4 can buy VIP and confirm otherwise, who knows!

I do not want to step on anyones toes or anything. I can do a pentest real quick to see if that's a problem. (only with permission of course)   I didn't think I think it's just a front end issue ... It looks like a front end problem. but i've been wrong before. 

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